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Updates 10/24/17

Well, I probably should have sent out a recap right after the meeting, because it would’ve been fresh in my mind. However, here’s a watered-down version The Foundation was established by a generous donation made by a former Kiwanian, Rosko, who passed away several years ago.  We invest part of it continually, so it can grow. We also use some of it, five percent, as we a make profit. At last Friday’s business meeting, we voted on what we plan to fund through our foundation (a regular, yearly given amount). This list is fairly permanent unless members leave (that have a passion for a particular cause) or we see some substantial reason not to give. We also add to this list as we have new members with great ideas. Last week we voted to regularly support:


Poulsbo’s Love & Logic parenting class

Kitsap Library

Salvation Army

Kathleen Sutton Foundation

NK Fishline

NK Schools Foundation

NK Soccer Club

Children of the Nation


The other account we have is our Community Outreach Fund. With this money, we have more flexibility. This is generally a smaller, not normally fixed amount, and will fund repeated requests such as Key Club and Evergreen Mt. Bike Club. It will also fund new requests, especially if people come in to speak to the club and specifically ask. We are still discussing how we can continue to regularly support the bike club, and how we can support Key Club in their venture to attend the regional conference.


Now, you financial gurus & old-timers….please add your two bits here if I forgot anything or you can explain it better. I also don’t know if Rosko is the gentleman’s first or last name. Does he have family around? We should thank them & tell them his gift is still being used for the community.


Poulsbo – Santa & Fire Engine